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BGEWarlordsWarriorsCoverThe Orkney Landinga short story part of the Best Gay Erotica of the Year, Volume 2: Warriors & Warlords anthology edited by Rob Rosen with Cleis Press. Viking warriors  Harold Sigurdsen and Thorjus Halvorsen lead a Viking raiding party on the Orkney Islands. During their raid, they acquire a slave, Talorc. The young Pict must serve or die his new Viking lords.

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Pennington’s Conquest, second of three novels in the Golden Scepter Series

PENNINGTONSQUEST200X300Pennington’s Conquest (Nov 2016) – The second installment of The Golden Scepter Series with MuseItHOT Publishing. Heath Firestone, now living in Paris with his boyfriend, Anton Barrett, embarks on another mystery involving the treasure he found and inherited the prior autumn. A golden scepter and four missing gems have caught the interest of the ruthless Justin Pennington, and he will stop at nothing to take the jewels from Heath in his quest to fulfill an ancient prophesy and rule the word.

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The Bastard’s Key, first of three novels in the Golden Scepter Series

TheBastardsKey_333x500The Bastard’s Key (2015) – the first in The Golden Scepter series of novels published with MuseItHOT. A blind date with the mysterious Anton Barrett leads Heath Firestone into a web of murder and an international treasure hunt.

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